Readers ask: How To Create 2 Columns In WordPress?

How do I make two columns in a WordPress page?

While in the post editor, move your cursor between two blocks on your page, and click the ‘Add Block’ button. Now choose the ‘Columns’ block. This will insert a 2 column block, and you can adjust the number of columns via the ‘Block Details’ area of the dashboard.

How do I show posts in two or three columns in WordPress?

How to Display WordPress Posts in 2 or 3 Columns

  1. What we’ll be doing. Before.
  2. Requirements.
  3. Step #1: Create column CSS.
  4. Step 2: Finding your theme’s code for the homepage posts.
  5. Step 3: The column code.
  6. And that’s it!
  7. Just change the values for different numbers of columns.

How do I make columns without plugins in WordPress?

How to make columns in WordPress without plugin (in block editor)

  1. First option is to click on “+” in the top bar and select Columns block from available blocks.
  2. Second option is to click on “+” anywhere inside editor.
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How do I create a multi column menu in WordPress?

WordPress sub-menu items split in 2 columns. The easy way.

  1. Go to Appearance -> Menus and select the menu you want to edit.
  2. Type sub-menu-columns in the top menu item CSS Classes (optional) field.
  3. Click SAVE MENU button.
  4. WordPress assigns class sub-menu to the ul that holds sub-item li-s.

How do you make two columns?

On the Page Layout tab, click Columns, then click the layout you want. To apply columns to only part of your document, with your cursor, select the text that you want to format. On the Page Layout tab, click Columns, then click More Columns.

How do I put side by side columns in WordPress?

To add a multi-column layout, you need to create a new post or edit an existing one. Once you’re in the post edit area, click on the ‘Add’ icon on the top to add a block. Next, you need to select the ‘Columns’ block located under ‘Layout Elements’ tab.

How do I add rows and columns in WordPress?

Create a new WordPress page or post, and insert the relevant shortcode for the column or columns you want to add to a WordPress page or post. If you’re using HTML, add the code to the Text editor. Decide on the size of each column (usually a percentage of the page or post). Add your content to each column.

How do I adjust columns in WordPress?

Resize column width

  1. Click the column icon for a column in the layout and choose Column settings.
  2. On the Style tab, change the percentage in Column width. This setting applies to all device sizes unless you use the procedure below to change the width separately for medium and small devices.
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How do I move columns in WordPress?

To move the child column and its contents, click and hold Move column, then drag to the new location. To move the entire parent column and its contents, click and hold Move parent, then drag to the new location.

How do I add columns in WordPress Gutenberg?

Hover over an existing block and move your cursor over the top or bottom edge to reveal the “+” button for adding a new block. Click the plus button and you’ll see a popup where you can select a block to add. The Columns block is featured at the top. Click the Columns block and it will be inserted into the post.

What is a multi column menu?

Extended menus are drop-down menus with more than one column (sometimes also called “mega menus”). Extended menus are supported in most Thrive Themes (some themes with special layouts are an exception, e.g. Voice).

How do I add a secondary menu in WordPress?

Go to Appearance → Customize → Menus → and click on Create a new menu. Enter the menu name, let’s call it Secondary Menu. You can assign this menu to the Secondary Menu display location.

How do I add a menu in WordPress?

Create a New Menu in WordPress Within WordPress, navigate to the Appearance > Customize screen, then click on Menus. If you don’t have a menu set up yet, you can simply select Create New Menu to get started. You’ll be given the option to name your menu and choose where it will appear.

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