How To Add Facebook Pixel To WordPress?

Does Facebook Pixel work with WordPress?

To add Facebook Pixel to WordPress, you can either manually add the tracking code before the closing tag or you can use a free plugin like Pixel Caffeine. Once you’ve added the tracking code, make sure to test whether it’s working with the free Facebook Pixel Helper extension.

How do I add multiple Facebook pixels to my WordPress site?

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → WooCommerce → Conversion Tracking → Integrations → Turn on Facebook with the toggle button. You can create as many Facebook integrations as you need by clicking on the Add New button.

Can you add pixel to Facebook page?

Create a Facebook pixel Click Connect Data Sources and select Web. Select Facebook Pixel and click Connect. Add your Pixel Name. Enter your website URL to check for easy setup options.

How do I link Facebook to WordPress?

Facebook Pages

  1. Go to My Site → Tools → Marketing → Connections.
  2. Select the Connect button next to Facebook.
  3. In the window that pops up, log into Facebook.
  4. Follow the prompts:
  5. You’ll be taken back to and another pop-up will ask you to confirm connecting your account.
  6. Click Connect and you’re done!
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Where do you put the Facebook pixel code?

Paste the pixel code into the header code of your website, just above the tag. You need to paste it into every single page, or into your header template if you’re using one.

How do I integrate Facebook pixels on my website?

Create a Facebook pixel

  1. Go to Events Manager.
  2. Click Connect data sources and select Web.
  3. Select Facebook pixel and click Connect.
  4. Add your pixel name.
  5. Enter your website URL to check for easy setup options.
  6. Click Continue.

Can I have more than one Facebook pixel on my website?

Yes, you can have multiple Facebook pixels on a website. You can create multiple Facebook pixels (for example you might have a network of websites that you manage and you want a specific pixel for each) and you can also install multiple pixels on one site.

How do I add Facebook event code to WordPress?

Under Settings (WordPress Left Menu), find and click HEAD & FOOTER CODE. Just COPY/PASTE the Pixel code provided by Facebook in the “ SITE-WIDE HEAD CODE ” section and click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Where do I put the Google tracking code in WordPress?

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance » Theme Editor. Now click the Theme Header (header. php) file on the right-hand side below the Theme Files section. Paste the tracking code you just copied from your Analytics profile before the closing tag.

Where is the head section of my WordPress website?

When you want to find the head tag, you should go to your dashboard and then head over to ‘Appearance’. After that, you should choose ‘Editor’. Once the Editor opens, you will see a list of files, and you should click on the ‘header.

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Are Facebook pixels free?

Plus, if you need any more convincing: Facebook Pixel is 100% free. There are absolutely no downsides to adding it to your website—heck, it won’t even increase your site’s load time.

Is the Facebook pixel going away?

Facebook uses a tool called the Facebook pixel, which is a piece of code placed into the code of your website so that Facebook can view traffic flow between your website and their platform. Now they have announced that all analytic features will be gone by June 2021, and the pixel will be eliminated by 2022.

What is the difference between Facebook pixel and Google Analytics?

While Google Analytics collects user data across different channels such as Organic Traffic, Paid Ads, and Social Media, Facebook Pixel focuses solely on Paid Ads (Facebook and Instagram advertisements). On the contrary, Facebook Pixel could be ideal for businesses that rely primarily on Facebook Ads for Traffic.

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