I will describe the sharing button in WordPress in a very simple way. You can easily share pages on facebook, google plus and twitter with this group of buttons. WordPress facebook, google plus and we will not need a plugin to share buttons on Twitter. You can use facebook, twitter and google plus share button without plugin by putting the following code where necessary….

You can get wordpress author name by post id like that. We first take the WordPress post author’s id after we take the WordPress post author’s name from the WordPress post author id if you want user_nicename field you can get other fileds if you want. Valid fields user_nicename, display_name, nickname, first_name, last_name for the WordPress post author names…

You can get wordpress author id by post id like that. Using the get_post_field() function, we can extract the post_author field with the $post_id variable. Other fields we can extract post_content, post_author, post_title, post_name (slug), post_excerptpost_statuscomment_statuspost_parentpost_typecomment_count, post_date, ping_status, post_modified and etc….

In this topic I will tell you how to move jQuery scripts from head into footer on WordPress. This improvement will give you performance because doing so will allow jQuery to be called after the page has been loaded so that this page will be opened faster. Google page speed will increase at the value you get at the speed. You can do this by adding the following code to the function.php file….

I will explain below how to show pending post count wordpress admin panel for default post type and custom post type. The following code will show the number of pending posts in the WordPress admin panel, you just need to add this code to the function.php file. You can add it to the $types array if you want to show the count number of pending posts in custom post type….

This feature came in WordPress 4.2. If you do not want to use emoji in WordPress, you can remove Emojicons from WordPress by following the steps below without plugin. You just need to put the following code in the function.php file.  The following code will completely remove emoji from anywhere in your WordPress site. All emojicons  will be deleted completely from WordPress….

I will explain below how to remove WordPress generator version tag in wp_head.  The following code will remove the WordPress generator  version numbers from your head by adding the function.php file. You can simply get rid of the worpress generator version number problem with the following code. You can easily delete wordpress generator  version number in your website…